Deep Tissue Massage Manchester

Skin by Paige Alexandra is proud to offer professional full-body deep tissue massage services in Manchester. A deep tissue massage can reduce tension and stress in your muscles, which also helps lower blood pressure and increase serotonin production to increase feelings of happiness. Couldn’t we all use these benefits? 

A deep tissue massage targets the deeper muscle layers of the shoulders, neck, back, legs, and arms. But if you have any particular areas you’d like us to target more directly, we can spend more time massaging the deep tissues of those areas. Then you should feel more relief from any pains, aches, or other discomforts you experience in them. 

Deep tissue massages are one of the most popular massages that people request at our facility in Manchester. Deep tissue massages differ from standard massages because they require more forceful massage techniques to target deeper muscle layers and relieve them of stiffness, pains, and aches. Only professional massage therapists can administer these deep tissue massage techniques to avoid causing injury. 

Skin by Paige Alexandra has a professional massage therapist with over 7 years experience specialising in deep tissue massages. Our massage therapist is trained to administer deep tissue massages to target the underlying muscles and connective tissues deep below the surface of your skin. So if you come to our clinic to receive this service, you won’t be disappointed with the results. 

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