Japanese Head Spa + Thai Foot Masssage/Scrub

Greater Manchester's First Japanese Head Spa!

Designed to revitalise your scalp and relax your body/mind.

From an invigorating scalp massage with signature oils, tailored hair care and our luxurious waterfall shower, this wonderful treatment offers ultimate relaxation and scalp rejuvenation, whilst also effectively removing impurities, nourishing the scalp and hydrating the hair from root to ends, improving hair health and shine. 



Our Head Spa is carried out in the following steps:

  1. Consultation: The session begins with a quick consultation with your therapist to decide which of our hair blend oils, shampoos and hair mask's would be right for you
  2. Signature Hair Blend: We begin the treatment by applying the chosen hair blend directly to your scalp whilst your hair is dry
  3. Indian Head Massage: The oil is then massaged into the scalp using traditional Indian head massage techniques
  4. Neck, Chest & Shoulder Massage: Using our Signature Medik8 Purifying Body Oil you will receive a complementary Neck, Chest & Shoulder massage whilst allowing the hair oil to penetrate through the scalp
  5. Hair Spa Steam: A cover is then placed over the head where steam surrounds the scalp, opening up the hair follicles and allowing the signature hair blend to penetrate deep into the hair and pores to enhance the treatment benefits
  6. Hand & Arm Massage: Again, using our Signature Medik8 Purifying Body Oil you will receive a complementary Hand & Arm massage whilst allowing the steam to surround the scalp, open up the hair follicles and allow the hair oil to penetrate through the scalp
  7. Waterfall Shower: The waterfall shower is then placed over the scalp to rinse the remaining oil through the hair
  8. Shampoo: Special Head Spa shampoos are used to suit the condition of your hair and scalp and will gently cleanse / purify from root to ends
  9. Soap Massage: A shampoo scalp massage is effective in stimulating blood circulation, reducing stress and relaxing the body whilst deep cleansing the scalp and hair
  10. Hair and Scalp Mask: Special hair and scalp masks are used to nourish your hair. Your scalp is soothed, hair is deeply hydrated and a healthy shine is restored
  11. Mask Massage: This not only promotes relaxation, but also stimulates blood circulation, making it easier for the nutrients from the mask to reach the scalp

At this stage, you then have the choice to finish your treatment by leaving the hair mask on in which you can rinse out at home up to 12 hours later. Or you can continue with steps 12 & 13. (The duration of the treatment is 60 minutes for both options).

  1. Waterfall Shower: The waterfall shower is then placed over the scalp to rinse the hair mask out of the hair
  2. Hair Dry: Still lying down, we then give the hair a quick blast with the hair dryer to remove any excess water (your hair will still be damp as this is not a full blow dry)

You are then more than welcome to use our hair dryer and blow-dry your hair to your desired style once the head spa treatment is complete.


Clarifying Scalp Spa
Great for;
-Oily Scalp / Hair
-Oily Dandruff
-Everyday Build Up

Nourishing Scalp Spa
Great for;
-Dry Scalp
-Dry Dandruff
-Dry / Damaged Hair

Oils / Ingredients that may be used during your Scalp Spa;
Argan, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Lavender, Keratin, Avocado, Chamomile, Shea and Joboba extracts.




    Thai Foot Massage + Lower Leg/Foot Scrub.

    Thai Foot Massage incorporates elements of reflexology and extends to the ankle and the lower leg.

    This ancient technique stimulates the nervous system through the application of gentle yet firm pressure to acupressure points which correspond to glands, organs, and muscles throughout the body, promoting healing in these areas.

    Added Bonus!
    Our Thai Foot Massage includes a foot scrub prior to massage to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells.


    This is a 90 minute treatment.