Aesthetics Manchester

We are a cosmetic and skincare clinic based in Manchester. We specialise in non-surgical cosmetic and advanced skincare treatments in a relaxed and professional, yet beautiful setting. 

At Skin by Paige Alexandra, we understand that every individual is unique. Ageing is an unstoppable process but that doesnt mean to say we can't slow it down.  

No matter your reason for wanting to improve your aesthetics, we have safe and effective solutions for you. 

Skin by Paige Alexandra has a team of professional aestheticians and skin rejuvenation specialists in Manchester. We can treat people of any skin type who suffer from common skin conditions, such as loss of volume, ageing, wrinkles, fine lines, redness, acne, pigmentation, melasma, rosacea, scarring, and a wide range of other skin imperfections and cosmetic conditions. 

We know you’ll be overly happy with our aesthetic treatment options, including advanced facials, advanced injectables, laser, vitamin boosters, and skin booster and rejuvenation injections. All of our aesthetic treatments require no surgery and minimal invasiveness because they can be administered through injections or surface applications. 

You can trust the professionalism and integrity of Skin by Paige Alexandra. Not only have we spent many years improving the aesthetics of our patients, but we have also trained aspiring skin specialists to do the same. That is why our skin rejuvenation solutions are in high demand throughout Manchester. You can trust in the safety and effectiveness of our aesthetic enhancement procedures. 

Would you like to request a consultation with one of our leading skin specialists in Manchester? Whatsapp us on 07729820236 or email us at to make an appointment to visit our aesthetician at Skin by Paige Alexandra.