Signature Mesotox Microneedling

What does the Signature Mesotox Microneedling Facial include?

-Double Cleanse 
-Steam & Hot Towel Wrap

-EPN Microneedling
(with MHA10 Skin Booster,  PRP  + Botox)
-Bio Cellulose Hydration Mask
-Dermalux LED Therapy
-Ice Globe Massage
-Vitamins & Minerals


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a non-surgical treatment that utilizes your own body’s healing abilities to stimulate skin healing, repair and recovery. It has the power to trigger your body’s own tissue regeneration potential.  It is a natural treatment that uses the platelets from your own blood. When activated, platelets secrete and release at least 7 different growth factors which enhance the natural healing processes. They also stimulate growth of collagen to rejuvenate the skin, improve the blood supply to the tissues and can greatly improve skin tone and texture.

This innovative technique involves taking a small blood sample from a patients arm, popping it into a centrifugal machine where it is then spun to separate the blood cells, serum and platelets. The platelet-rich plasma is then extracted and needled back into the skin along with MHA10 Skin Booster & Botox using our fantastic Electroporation Microneedling Device for ultimate skin rejuvenation.


Microneedling is a procedure that creates invisible micro-injuries to the skin using tiny sterile needles. The purpose of treatment is to generate new collagen and skin tissue for smoother, firmer, more toned skin. Microneedling is mostly used on the face and may treat various types of acne scars, wrinkles and large pores.

Electroporation is a technique in which an electrical field is applied to cells in order to increase the permeability of the membranes, allowing products to be introduced into the cell more efficiently. 

All Electroporation Microneedling sessions are combined with our Skin Hero Hydrator - MHA10! 

When you choose our Signature Mesotox Microneedling treatment, the MHA10 skin booster also has the added benefit of Botox + PRP included.

Also known as a 'Botox Facial', micro dosing with Botox combines the minimally invasive penetrative benefits of Microneedling with the skin tightening effects of Botox. In our Signature Mesotox Microneedling facial, MHA10, PRP and Botox is needled into the skin at a controlled depth of 0.6mm, allowing both products to be pushed into the skin through the channels created in the epidermis by the Microneedling. The Botox does not reach facial musculature and only serves to temporarily tighten the skin, minimise pores and give your skin a more airbrushed look.

Medik8 Bio Cellulose is the ultimate hydration mask, enriched with deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid and detoxifying minerals to nourish and soothe dry, sore, or distressed skin. Bio-cellulose locks in moisture tight, while zinc and marine algae offer antioxidant protection and help promote the skin’s natural healing process. 

Dermalux LED Therapy uses controlled levels of blue, red and near infrared light which are proven to be beneficial. Blue light has a powerful anti-bacterial effect which is very effective for killing off the bugs that cause acne and for normalising oil production. Red light increases collagen and elastin production which gives us firmer, smoother skin. It shrinks enlarged pores and evens skin tone and texture. Lastly, Near Infrared works together with red to reduce inflammation and pain, and to reduce pigmentation and scarring.


Add On's:

Microneedling Neck:  +£20
Microneedling Neck & Chest:   +£35

*With Skin Booster & PRP, not Botox*