PRP Aftercare / What To Expect

What To Expect Post PRP:

Bruising on the Arm.
It is very likely you will experience bruising on your arm where the blood has been taken from. 

Possible Bruising on other area's.
It is rare with the injection techniques we use, but please note bruising can occur where the PRP has been injected. 


PRP Aftercare:

After your treatment you may leave the clinic with small bumps at the injection sites, these bumps will settle down very quickly as the PRP is absorbed and are generally unnoticeable within a few hours.

-Do not wash your face or apply any skincare products for 4-6 hours

-If you wish to massage the injection points to encourage breakdown of the small bumps, please do so gently to avoid bruising. Ensure your hands are clean and sanitised before touching your face. 

-Do not apply makeup for 4-6 hours.

-Do not consume alcohol for 24 hours

-Avoid exercise/sweating for 24 hours

-Avoid swimming, sauna’s and spa environments for 24 hours

-Golden Rule: Make sure that you are also avoiding direct sun exposure. Especially tanning beds.
(Preferably forever! But if you must, please wait 3 days)

-Drink LOTS of water!

-Last but not least, do not have any other treatments for 14 days following your treatment.