Your skin assessment is the start of your journey to better skin and is the most crucial part of the process. 

Our 4-step combined Consultation, Home Skincare Plan & Medik8 Tailored Facial is the perfect place to start.


1) Detailed Review Of Your Relevant Medical History & Areas Of Concern
E.g. Smoking, Medication, Skin Problems.

2) Examination Of Your Skin/Condition
A closer look at your skin.

3) Medik8 Tailored Facial + Dermalux LED Therapy
A luxury Medik8 tailored facial based on the above examination of your skin + Dermalux LED Therapy.

4) Home/In Clinic Treatment Plan:
Once I have finished your treatment, I will then talk you through a personalised home skincare plan based on your skin type & problem areas. Within this plan, professionally selected skincare products from the award winning skincare brand Medik8 will be recommended for home use in the AM & PM. I will also recommend which regular in clinic treatments I feel your skin would benefit from going forward.