CryoPen® Skin Lesion Removal


Cryopen is the latest technology for cryotherapy (icy cold temperatures). By using nitrous oxide gas (N2O) freezing down to -89 degrees, we can treat benign lesions on the skin’s surface with pinpoint accuracy.

By using a temperature -89 degrees C, the Cryopen enables the skin to freeze to -45 degree. This causes the liquid inside the lesion’s cell to become shards of ice, and the cell membrane to rupture, thus destroying the cells. This is an extremely fast process that does not allow the body to protect itself during the treatment time; ensuring results.

A wide variety of benign lesions can be treated with cryotherapy, but it is most commonly used to remove:

1. Skin Tags
2. Warts/Verrucae’s
3. Milia
4. Cherry Angioma’s

What to expect during and after my treatment?

Please see below ''What To Expect / Aftercare'' Link.
This is very important to read before your appointment. 

During the procedure the area freezes and turns white. After this white area thaws, a flushing occurs and the area will turn red and a weal will form. Approximately 2 - 4 hours after being frozen the weal may turn into a blister which may last from 3-5 days then begin to form a scab. This scab will fall off on its own in 1-2 weeks. Depending on the extent of the freeze and tissue area, a new scab may form and the process will repeat. The lesion is usually completely healed in 4 weeks, again depending on the extent of the freeze and tissue area. This is when you will be due to come back for your second session.
After primary healing occurs, the area will be lighter than surrounding areas due to loss of melanocytes and usually pink in colour. Melanocytes are very cold sensitive dying at -5 degrees and below.

Although it is best to try and leave the treated area uncovered, a plaster or simple dressing may be applied if it is in an area that may lead to rubbing and aggravation. It is extremely important not to pick at the crust as this may lead to scarring.

Another good option is Savlon Advanced Healing Gel.

Is it Painful?

There may be some tingling as the nitrous oxide reaches the bottom of the area during freezing  but most clients get an anaesthetic effect from the extreme freezing temperatures. More of a pinching sensation can occur as the area thaws out and it may be a little itchy for a short while after treatment.

How many treatments are required?

For most conditions just 2 treatments are required 4 weeks apart. Some conditions are harder to remove than others, and in delicate areas a shorter freeze time with repeat procedures may be required to achieve a final result with least damage to surrounding skin. In other cases, where the condition is deep (such as stubborn warts or verrucas) several aggressive treatments may be required to achieve total removal.

Will there be scarring?

Rarely. Both hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin) and hypopigmentation (lightening of the skin) may occur temporarily after cryotherapy. Both can generally last a few months. So don't worry if it looks to be scarring within the first few weeks, this is just the healing process.

Will there be permanent discolouration?

Since melanocytes are the most sensitive cell type, persons with dark pigmentation or prolonged freeze times in any individual may cause extremely long colour recovery or permanent colour loss even after the lesion is healed.
This is something to bare in mind before choosing this treatment. 

What type of skin imperfections can be treated with CryoTherapy?

Several different types of superficial skin lesions can by treated with CryoPen including skin tags, milia, cherry angioma, warts and verrucas.

It is essential that correct diagnosis of a lesion is carried out before treatment because some lesions can be related to cancer and it is quite easy to confuse these with ordinary, benign lesions. So, the expert advice of a doctor is needed as CryoPen™ cannot be used to treat cancerous lesions. If you are concerned about a lesion, or it has changed in any way recently, please speak to your GP as a first port of call.

CryoPen™ may not be used if the lesions are too close to delicate structures of the body such as the eyes.

The Benefits

  • Sterile procedure - No incision, no bleeding, no risk of infection
  • Minimally invasive, very little downtime
  • No injections or anaesthetic required
  • Virtually Painless (even suitable for children)
  • Removes benign skin imperfections


 £50 Per Lesion.


Precare, Aftercare & Consent: Click Here.