High Frequency Aftercare / What To Expect

What To Expect:

-Straight after your appointment your skin may feel a little sensitive.
Over the next few days you may experience dryness and a tight feeling to your skin.

-You may experience mild flaking depending on how your skin reacts to the treatment.

-If you have a lighter skin complexion, you may notice mild redness and possibly some sensitivity too.



-Do not wash your face or apply any skincare products for 12 hours

-To minimize dryness, skip out on any 'active' products for 3 days after.
  (Retinals +Acids)

-Do not apply makeup for 24 hours.
  Once 24 hours has passed and you wish to wear makeup, please ensure your brushes are clean and sanitised

-Avoid exercise/sweating for 24 hours

-Avoid swimming, sauna’s and spa environments for 72 hours

-Sleep on a clean pillowcase at night. Preferably Silk / Satin (Like this).

-Golden Rule: Make sure that you are also avoiding direct sun exposure. Especially tanning beds.
(Preferably forever! But if you must, please wait 14 days)

-Make sure to keep your skin well hydrated with a protective moisturiser. Apply it twice daily or more often if needed to reduce the appearance of flaking.

-Drink LOTS of water!

-Do not use scrubs, loofahs, exfoliating sponges or other means of mechanical exfoliation on your face for 7 days.