EPN Microneedling, Sculpt & Rewind

What does the EPN Microneedling, Sculpt & Rewind Facial include?

-Lumi Spa Cleanse
-Mushroom Enzyme Exfoliator
-Radio Frequency Skin Tightening
-Electro ION Muscle Stimulation
-EPN Microneedling
-Dermalux LED Therapy
-Ice Globe Massage
-Vitamins & Minerals


Radio Frequency technology increases collagen reproduction in mature skin. Skin Tightening is ideal for incorporating into an anti-ageing facial.

Electro-Ion uses electroporation to increase the absorbency of the cell for product penetration. This, in turn, revitalises and ‘wakes up’ dull and lifeless skin.

The EPN Microneedling pen is the worlds first medically certified Microneedling device on the market which combines the benefits of dermal needling with the advanced delivery of Electrocorporation. The stamping action of the EPN Pen's vertical tip creates invisible micro-injuries to the skin, while stimulating the skin’s natural ability to heal itself and increase the production of new collagen. In doing so, these micro-injuries encourage and harness the body’s innate ability to regrow and repair the skin through normal physiological processes and the skin becomes rejuvenated and refreshed.

Electroporation is a technique in which an electrical field is applied to cells in order to increase the permeability of the membranes, allowing products to be introduced into the cell more efficiently. 

The combination of Microneedling and Electroporation within one handheld device maximises the production of new collagen and elastin fibres, whilst delivering a safe and minimally invasive treatment. This revolutionary pairing of technology means that your results are MAXIMISED as serums with high molecular weight are induced into deeper dermal layers.

Dermalux LED Therapy uses controlled levels of blue, red and near infrared light which are proven to be beneficial. Blue light has a powerful anti-bacterial effect which is very effective for killing off the bugs that cause acne and for normalising oil production. Red light increases collagen and elastin production which gives us firmer, smoother skin. It shrinks enlarged pores and evens skin tone and texture. Lastly, Near Infrared works together with red to reduce inflammation and pain, and to reduce pigmentation and scarring.


Cost:  £150.00

Choose your Vitamin Cocktail!

Pure Hyaluronic Acid - Included As Standard

EGF Glow, Brightening Cocktail - £10
EGF Tight, Anti Ageing Cocktail
 - £10

NCTF135HA Ultimate Skin Booster Cocktail - £30
HAIR ENERGY Rejuvenation Cocktail - £30

PRP Platelet Rich Plasma - £95


Important Information: 

Pre Care
Aftercare / What To Expect
Consent / Contraindications


Further Information:

Radio Frequency
Dermalux LED Therapy